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Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

The next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18 6:30 PM at the Monona Public Library 1000 Nichols Rd., Monona, WI, 53716

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    1. Call to order.

    2. Approval of March 21, 2018 minutes **

    3. Public Comment. This section of the meeting provides the opportunity for comment from persons in attendance on items not listed below over which this governing body has jurisdiction. Comments on matters not listed on this agenda could be placed on a future meeting agenda.

    4. President report.    
        a. General updates

    5. Secretary report.
         a. General updates

    6. Treasurer report.
         a. General updates

    7. VP, HS Girls report.
         a. Proposed change to Rule 13 of the Supplemental BLA Rules and Regulations**

    8. VP, Youth Girls report.
         a. General updates

    9. VP, HS Boys report.
         a. Score reporting (Laxpower, MaxPreps, BLA site)

    10. VP, Youth Boys report.
         a. Acceptance of resignation of John Goetzka, Boys Youth VP**
         b. Appointment of James Engeler to Boys Youth VP**
         c. Boys Youth meeting update
         d. Add more games on June 2nd for 10U teams in place of the proposed laxfest or leave the date open and teams could go to the proposed DeForest tournament

    11. Communications Director report.
         a. General Updates

    12. Sportsmanship Director report.
         a. General updates

    13. Officials Report.
         a. General Updates

    14. Webmaster report.
        a. General Updates

    15. Old Business: Note, old business is reflected in the above breakouts if specific to a board member position or committee. “General or Global Old Business” will be reflected in this section.

    16. New Business: Note, New Business is reflected in the above breakouts if specific to a board member position or committee. “General or Global New Business” will be reflected in this section.

    17. Adjournment.
    a. The next meeting is on Wednesday, May 16 at the Monona Public Library

    ** Denotes Board of Directors formal action for approval.

    Monthly Badgerland Lacrosse Board Meetings

    The Badgerland Lacrosse board meetings are held monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm 

    MEETING LOCATION: To Be Announced

    A representative of each Badgerland Lacrosse club is expected to attend the meeting.

Badgerland Lacrosse Board of Directors

Badgerland Lacrosse Board of Directors

Badgerland Lacrosse board members are elected for two year terms, on staggered cycles.

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Voting Members
Josh Klein


Zack Silber


Mike Shor


Brian Holmes
Vice President - Girls High School


Toni Wizner
Vice President - Girls Youth


Mike Evans


Sarah Kleemann
Communications and Marketing


Dylan Baier
Vice President - Boys High School


J.B. Engeler
Vice President - Boys Youth


Non-Voting Members

David Wollin
Referee Coordinator - High School
Interim Umpire Assigner


Position Vacant
Umpire Coordinator


John Welke
Past President


Jeremy Sullivan
Referee Coordinator - Youth


Tim Leung