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Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

The Board of Directors Meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday, September 20 has been moved to Wednesday, September 27, 7 PM at the Verona Public Library. 500 Silent Street, Verona, WI, 53593, Room 123B.

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    1. Call to order.

    2. Approval of August 16, 2017 minutes **

    3. President report.
    a. Committee appointments review
    b. Spring Jamboree update
    c. Grievance procedure review
    d. Past meeting minutes’ review, last 6 months
    e. WLF update

    4. Secretary report.
    a. Vacant position, looking to fill- Send nominations to President

    5. Treasurer report.
    a. A/P A/R, Balance Sheet,
    b. Travel reimbursement update / discussion on new proposal

    6. VP, HS Girls report.
    a. Schedule
    b. Rules update, discussion on web tab management for ongoing information

    7. VP, Youth Girls report.

    8. VP, HS Boys report & Sub Committee. (Dylan, Toni & Clay)
    a. **HS Boys conference alignment process and rule changes

    9. VP, Youth Boys report.

    10. Communications Director report.
    a. Updates to documents
    b. Updates to SM

    11. Sportsmanship Director report.

    12. Officials Report.
    a. HS Boys
    b. Youth Boys

    13. Webmaster report.
    a. Document storage update
    b. Logo / abbreviation update
    c. Feedback on BS vs. LA and notice to clubs about schedule and how it will work

    14. Old Business.
    a. Note, old business is reflected in the above breakouts if specific to a board member position or committee. “General or Global Old Business” will be reflected in this section.

    15. New Business.
    a. Note, New Business is reflected in the above breakouts if specific to a board member position or committee. “General or Global New Business” will be reflected in this section.
    b. Membership updates, dues and current standings (clubs) – Database needed

    16. Adjournment.
    a. The next meeting is scheduled for October 18, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. Madison Central Library.

    ** Denotes Board of Directors formal action for approval.

    Monthly Badgerland Lacrosse Board Meetings

    The Badgerland Lacrosse board meetings are held monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm 

    Madison Central Library
    201 W. Mifflin Street

    A representative of each Badgerland Lacrosse club is expected to attend the meeting.

Badgerland Lacrosse Board of Directors

Badgerland Lacrosse Board of Directors

Badgerland Lacrosse board members are elected for two year terms, on staggered cycles.

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Voting Members
Josh Klein


Zack Silber


Mike Shor


Brian Holmes
Vice President - Girls High School


Toni Wizner
Vice President - Girls Youth


Position Vacant


Sarah Kleemann
Communications and Marketing


Dylan Baier
Vice President - Boys High School


JB Engeler
Vice President - Boys Youth


Non-Voting Members

David Wollin
Referee Coordinator - High School


Bob Glover
Umpire Coordinator


John Welke
Past President


Jeremy Sullivan
Referee Coordinator - Youth


Tim Leung


Clay Luttrell
Awards Director