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Apr, 2018

Boys Youth Scheduling

2018 Youth Boys Schedule Information:

In general, the schedule is setup as a 4 team round robin. In order to do this, teams from different clubs are paired together (because many only have 1 team). The result is that a team may play a “home” game at their partner’s field. This game would be against a club from “not the host team” and the host club is not involved in that game. This method was used to avoid having to play the same team back to back (i.e. double headers) as well as allowing teams to avoid playing the same team twice.

Clubs, coaches and parents will need to understand the fact that to make all of this work, THERE ARE NEUTRAL SITE GAMES. The focus needs to move up a level and look at the entire day and all of the match ups on that day, at a location. An example of a basic game day is as follows. Assume each team is from a different club.

Host club is A

A vs B

C vs D

A vs D

C vs B

  • Note that A only plays in 2 of the games.
  • The other 2 games are “neutral site” games hosted by A (C vs D and C vs B).
  • Everyone plays 2 games
  • There are no double headers. (meaning playing the same team twice)

General Notes:

  • The teams (except for 8U’s) were grouped into divisions (North and South). We understand that there are a few teams from outside the Dane county footprint. Every team, except those who have requested blackout days, should be scheduled for the minimum number of games for their age group. Teams MUST play the schedule games.
  • Whenever possible, we placed the 12U teams and 14U teams from the same clubs at the same location. When there was not enough field space available to allow this, the 12Us were moved to another location. This will cause an imbalance in the home/host/visitor numbers for the 12U’s. But, if a club only has one field, then that club should expect to travel more.
  • Whenever there are 4 teams playing in a round robin, we tried to have the host team play first and last (open and close the field) in the 4-game segment. That forces one team to play back to back games. In reality, no matter how you do the 4-game grouping, someone will have to play back to back.
  • In order to avoid playing the teams over and over again, we assigned teams as “travel partners” in groups of two. Each partner group acts as one, so when that group is hosting, one of the teams is actually a “home team” on the hosts field. Also, the travel partners only play against each other when their group has a bye or when a team has requested a blackout. This also helps avoid teams from the same club playing each other. Thus, in 14U, Baraboo and DeForest are travel partners and will see each other a lot but never play.
  • Another result of this philosophy is that teams from clubs with 2+ teams will have more home games than those with one team. That is because the one-teamers need to share home dates. Every team should host at least once.
  • Because of the limited number of 8U teams, it does not follow the same rules as the rest of the age groups. It is more of a general round robin.
  • Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend are NOT scheduled for league play. Coaches can elect to have make up games or add games on their own doing.
  • The BLA will not be scheduling make up’s or extra games. Clubs and Coaches are responsible for all reschedules due to ANY reason. You are not mandated to reschedule.
  • If you need to CANCEL a game or close a host site for any reason you must contact the BLA Boys VP, and the Boys Umpire assignor, Jeremy Sullivan to notify them of the game cancel or host site closure. You must also notify the opposing teams.
  • JEVIN schedules will only be updated with a host site closure or game cancel, we will do everything possible to have the schedule up to date within reason. You can embed the links below into your club web site and pass out to your members.


Game Day responsibilities:

Teams will frequently be playing multiple games at a single site. Sometimes, the site is a “neutral site” with one team appointed as the home team for the game. The responsibilities of the host site and the home team are as follows:

Host site responsibility: 

a. Provide a field that has correct lining/markings for the age group playing at the venue. 
b. Provide goals
c. Provide a table and chairs - if possible
d. Provide cones - if possible
e. Communication to all teams playing that day about field conditions or conflicts, they also need to contact the boy’s youth VP and Jeremy Sullivan with any cancels, so the officials can be called. Example- Rain out, notify teams, Jeremy and boys VP.


Traveling Home Teams responsibility:
a. Cones
b. Flip score
c. Balls
d. Folding chairs and small table for scoring. 
e. Scorebook, score keeper and time keeper
f. Cleaning up any trash on a HOST field.

g. Communication about any conflicts, they also need to contact the boys youth VP and Jeremy Sullivan with any cancels so the officials can be called. 
Example- cannot field a team and need to cancel, notify teams, Jeremy and boys VP.


Boys VP- Please see BLA web site for contact information.

Jeremy Sullivan, 1-708-269-2700 -

*Here are the links:

Use the master link to drill down to venues, teams and games using the filter check box’s.

*Note, please refresh your browser or close out and reopen the link if data is not populating.